Why join us? Why you should attend one of our events

Accrue Workplaces is the hub of Surrey based business events, offering business people the chance to grow their network and knowledge.

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These events give attendees the opportunity to meet likeminded people and the potential is invaluable.


Aquire knowledge

Business topic based events enable you to stay up to date on current trends, techniques & strategies.


Great Speakers

Our in house community support team are tasked with sourcing the most experienced and inspirational speakers for workshops and seminars.


Have Fun

Meet new people, learn new skills and give yourself the best opportunity to grow, both personally and professionally.


Become a speaker

Individuals who would like to make themselves available to speak at Accrue events may register with US.

Private & Coworking office space, Surrey

The Long Barn is Accrue Workplaces flagship building, situated in the affluent London suburb, Cobham. The main goal of Accrue Workplaces is to bring coworking and shared office space to residential suburbs of London. With direct train links to central London, Cobham fits that bill perfectly, meaning The Long Barn was the ideal location for our first project.

Our Community

Our community is a mixture of small businesses, start ups and freelancers and we pride ourselves on bringing together a diverse group of professionals, who all contribute to an inspiring and efficient working environment.


Sure, you could work in a coffee shop but you would be missing out on top facilities, networking & productivity!

With 4 flexible memberships, we have something for you.


The perfect environment for startups to grow.

Members can just show up, with the piece of mind that everything else in their state of the art office space is taken care of. 

Small Businesses

Your workplace is your lifestyle.

With all of the best facilities and amenities, small and medium businesses are guranteed a space that ensures employee happiness and productivity.